New Login Methods for Minecraft Forum

Happy Holidays!


We generally do not do news posts for site changes, however we feel this update that has rolled out is important to share.


We have added support for logging in to Minecraft Forum with your Google account. What this means is that you can log into an MCF account with with a Twitch account or a Google account, or even both if you're so inclined!


To link a Google account to your MCF account, visit your account page (you can get there using this link: 


Click "Link Google" and you will be redirected to Google.

Select which Google account you wish to use to log into MCF with.



And that is it! You can now log into MCF using the "Google" option on our login page. 


You can even unlink your Twitch account from the site using the "Unlink Twitch" if you no longer wish to have your Twitch account tied to your account.


We will be adding more options over time. Microsoft Login is next on our list as Java Edition is moving to using Microsoft logins, joining Bedrock and Dungeons.