JAVA Account Migration: What You Need to Know

For those who have been here long enough, you know what this means.  Our Minecraft: Java Edition accounts are migrating for a second time.  For those who have an account now, we will need to Migrate from a Mojang Account to a Microsoft account in early 2021.  Starting later this fall, however, new accounts will already be required to create Microsoft accounts.  I know change can be bothersome but Mojang does state some good points when making the switch.

  • More account security.
  • All Minecraft accounts connected.  
  • Parents can have more control for the safety of their child/children
  • Chat and invitation blocking

In the coming months Mojang will list out what exactly is needed and how to migrate your account, this will be mandatory if you wish to continue playing Minecraft: Java Edition.  Here on the Forums, we will do our best to also help remind members of the upcoming switch as well as list the how-to/need-to-know for account Migration.  For those who are Migrating Mojang Studios do have a nice added bonus, a cape!


To ensure that the Migration happens smoothly Mojang Studios will be migrating players in batches to hopefully make this an easy process for all.  Make sure your emails are up to date for your Mojang account as you will receive instructions when it is time to Migrate.


For those worrying, Java Edition itself is not changing, it is only the account that you use to login that is changing.  You will still keep your current names, new players will still be able to pick their name.  Your login is just finding a new home.


For now, read over the FAQ Mojang has provided so far: