Java Edition: Combat Test 7c

There has been a lot of changes as Jeb and the rest of Mojang Studios work on the changes for combat in Minecraft.  Your feedback is important and is very much appreciated.  At the bottom of this post will be a link for the original reddit post containing this information and more, so be sure to check it out as well.


Features that have been changed back:

  • Returned the attack indicator

  • Returned the "200% time" attacks (let's call them "charged" attacks) and the +1 reach bonus

  • Returned sweeping to only work for charged attacks and when having the Sweeping enchantment

  • Returned base reach to 2.5 blocks

  • Removed the bow inaccuracy for holding too long

  • Removed the eating interruption for getting hit

Features that have been adjusted:

  • Missed attacks are still fast, but they don't count as charged. Because of how the programming code is laid out it meant I had to change how the auto-attack "penalty" is applied. Instead of being 20% slower, they add a hard-coded single tick to the attack rate (i.e. after a miss you can optimally attack again after 4 ticks, or after 5 ticks when holding the attack)

  • Shields now add a 50% knockback resistance when active

  • Shields are now always instant

  • Shields protect against 100% explosion damage

  • You won't get the reach bonus while you are crouching (to add a slight disadvantage to shielding and attacking simultaneously)

Bug fixes:

  • Netherite weapons have updated stats

  • Using shields while crouching is now no longer desynchronized when attacking air

  • Players in spectator mode can no longer sweep in the air

  • Knockback attribute no longer have a random chance to completely prevent knockback

  • Fixed player speed bug for crouching vs using shield

To read the original post and to learn how to download this so you can test for yourself click here.



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