Remember that only those on Xbox One / Windows 10 / and Android may participate in the Beta builds.  You will not be able to join Realms or non-beta players worlds and you will not be able to open worlds opened in the Beta in earlier/current stable builds of Bedrock.

Performance and Stability 

  • Fixed crash that could occur when playing an emote and suspending the game (MCPE-73235


  • Tweaked arm animation for Brutes, Piglins, and Vindicators that have their weapons removed (MCPE-83581
  • Emotes can no longer be equipped before unlocking them (MCPE-84810
  • Custom skins now work properly on multiplayer (MCPE-48207

Achievement Screen

  • New achievements screen design and added a new achievement details screen (available after gradual roll-out). We would love to hear your feedback on it here in this post!


  • Custom names now modify boss's bars (MCPE-43473)
  • Fixed bug where system language setting for Simplified and Traditional Chinese was not honored by the game
  • Nintendo Switch can now upload worlds to Realms again (REALMS-474
    • NB – this fix is still in beta so won’t be available for Realms or non-beta platforms yet, but we wanted to give you a heads up this fix is on its way!
  • Game no longer crashes if a player opens a Shulker Box they're standing on after rejoining a multiplayer session 
  • Fixed issue where some walls were not correctly connected on world load
  • Fishing Rod will now correctly cast when close to a Mob (MCPE-65249)
  • Fixed an issue that meant the block highlight/selection box was extending above blocks 
  • Fixed an issue with missing animation when damaging bamboo
  • Added Noto Sans font license button and pop-up dialog to Settings screen (in the Profile section) 


  • Fixed a graphical issue with glass blocks in City Living world, that affected some devices on Windows 10 
  • Fixed an issue with the skybox background graphics not rendering correctly on some devices 


  • The "minecraft:behavior.controlled_by_player" goal is now data-driven
  • Physics Component's has_gravity is now used to decide whether a mob should apply water gravity, if the mob does not have a Navigation Component 
  • Ender Crystals can no longer be pushed 
  • The Squid's rendering is now data-driven
  • Minecarts are now data-driven. This converted minecart rideable, minecarts with chest, with hopper, with command block, and with TNT to be data-driven

Display Name Component

  • Items can now override their display name with a localized 'value'. If a value is not supplied the component will stay with its default name. If the value supplied is not in the localization file the display name will be the value string

Item Parsing

  • Example 1
    • any_tag functionality added to several actor components. In addition to representing items as item names in json they can now be represented as a set of tags
    • "item": {"any_tag": "food"}
    • "item": {"any_tag": ["food", "wood"]}
    • "bribe_items": ["emerald", {"any_tag": "stone"}]
    • minecraft:ageable feed_items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:breedable breed_items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:bribeable bribe_items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:giveable items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:healable items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:tamemount feed_items and auto_reject_items can now use any_tag functionality
    • minecraft:equippable accepted_items can now use any_tag functionality
  • Example 2
    • looks for "apple" key in the vanilla localization for a string to use as the display text, which it will NOT find a value so the display name will just be "apple"
    • "minecraft:display_name": {
      "value": "apple"
  • Example 3
    • looks for "" key in the vanilla localization for a string to use as the display text, which it will find a value as "Apple". Note "minecraft:" namespace not required.
    • "minecraft:display_name": {
      "value": ""
  • Example 4
    • looks for a custom string supplied in the resource pack, if not found the display name will be "".
    • "minecraft:display_name": {
      "value": ""

To ensure that we can devote our resources to the platforms where most Crafters are playing, we are ending support for certain older devices and platforms where Minecraft is available. Effective in October 2020, Minecraft will no longer be updated or supported on Gear VR, Windows 10 Mobile, Android devices with 768MB of RAM or less, iOS devices running iOS 10 or below, or video cards that only support DirectX 10.1 or below.


If your device is affected, a prompt will appear in-game to let you know if it will no longer receive updates. Please see the article on for more information.



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