JAVA EDITION: 1.16 PRE-RELEASE 8 & Release Date for Java and Bedrock!

Are you ready for the official release?  Well you only have to wait until the 23rd to get your hands on the official release.  Are you excited?  I am!  Let's help find those pesky bugs to get as many squashed as possible!

  • MC-114030 - Structure blocks take and apply NBT data of entities and tile entities directly instead of a copy when loading and saving structures
  • MC-127971 - Trying to throw a trident while having a shield or bow equipped will make the trident appear backwards in your hand
  • MC-153483 - When Swapping Tridents between hands the trident being held doesnt swap visually, it just flips backwards
  • MC-159820 - 3rd person reverse trident bug
  • MC-179309 - Trident animates backwards while eating
  • MC-187953 - Adding items to #minecraft:small_flowers item tag and feeding them to brown mooshrooms crashes the game
  • MC-188746 - Not selecting a biome for “Floating Islands” world type spawns an empty world
  • MC-188859 - Incorrect throwing animation for tridents
  • MC-189007 - When entering or leaving swimming mode both arms now move parallel instead of symmetrical
  • MC-189782 - Large ferns only drop one small fern when harvested
  • MC-189858 - Leads can disappear when transporting a mob through a nether portal
  • MC-189937 - Saddled pigs accumulate speed when ridden in water
  • MC-189970 - Selected worlds using keyboard nav does not enable world-specific options such as Play, Edit, Delete, and Re-Create
  • MC-189973 - ClassCastException when bee with passenger flies through village at night
  • MC-190005 - Piglins can spawn with gear with too many enchantments, including multiple enchantments of the same type
  • MC-190036 - Passive mobs do not spawn in floating island world type
  • MC-190124 - Grass decays too quickly when covered in water
  • MC-190166 - Game crashes when burning a tree in a custom dimension: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception while ticking


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