Minecraft Dungeons: Out Now!

Are you a fan of Action RPGs?  Today join others and dive into the world of Minecraft in a brand new experience.  No mining, no crafting, just dungeon crawling style combat as you loot and scoot to the next pack of enemies as you fight to gain strength to take on the Arch-Illager!


Minecraft Dungeon allows you to play how you want.  There is no class system to limit you and you're allowed to make any build you can come up with.  The sky is the limit!  There is a bit of something for everyone.  If you enjoy melee pick up a sword or an ax and charge headfirst into a pack of zombies.  Take up a bow if you want to hang back and take calculated aim at your enemies at a safe distance.  Pick up enchants and fight enemies in ways not possible in normal Minecraft.  Fight fire with fire, freeze your enemies with your ice, or maybe you rather steal the souls of your enemies to use against them.  Have fun, share your builds, but most importantly have fun.


If you're interested in picking this up just head over to minecraft.net if you play on Windows and navigate to the Dungeons page to purchase your copy today.  Not playing on Windows or prefer another method?  Minecraft Dungeon is also available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.  Play alone, play local co-op with up to 4 players or even play online with others.  

While we don't have a specified section for Minecraft Dungeons, feel free to discuss in Minecraft: Discussions and share your builds, tips, and secrets you may find!



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