11 Years of Minecraft! Mojang's Stylish New Rebrand

Where has the time gone?  How long have you been playing Minecraft?  I may not have been there from the beginning but I have fallen in love with this game and it has opened up a new genre of survival crafting games that range all age ranges.  Did you start out playing creative?  What are some of your favorite builds?  


As 11 years have gone by Minecraft has hit some record highs in terms of sales.  No one could ever expect this game would grow to what it has become today.  11 years of updates, 11 years of development, 11 years of belonging to a great and creative community!  Over 200 million, yes over 200 MILLION copies have sold for Minecraft across all platforms and I can't see that slowing down any time soon.  


With over a decade under the belt, Moajng also announced their rebranding.  Say hello to Mojang Studios!



What are your thoughts?  What are your fondest memories over the last year or Minecraft?  What made you start playing Minecraft?  Share in the comments below!



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