Minecraft with RTX Beta new Creator Worlds #2 & Sweepstakes

Have you guys been playing with the RTX Beta?  I've been watching videos and enjoying the lovely screenshots the community has been sharing since the Beta was first announced earlier last month.  NVIDIA today has released it's 2nd Creator Worlds containing five new worlds with gameplay ready to be download and experience but the community.  Head over to the marketplace and be sure to grab them!



Creator: PearlescentMoon

Hilltop Lifestyle

There is a little bit of everything in this pack for everyone.  This Survival island may just be right for those who are still looking for a survival experience.  This lovely Italian inspired village is gorgeous and showcases her previous concepts, advancements, and features in her previous world Color, Light and Shadow RTX.


Creator: Feed The Beast

Egg Hunt RTX Edition

Not feeling up for survival?  That's fine, Feed The Beast has created a nice Mini-Game for everyone to enjoy.  Solve puzzles, find secrets, and most of all conquer challenges as you find the hidden eggs as you try to complete the two game modes as fast as possible.  After you get a chance to play tell us your fastest time in the comments below!

Creator: Aurelien_Sama

Medieval RTX

Still wanting a survival experience but Hilltop isn't quite catching your fancy?  Maybe this medieval themed world will.  You have another gorgeous world but don't let it fool you.  Beneath this village lies a secret.  Are you able to find the mysteries below?  Prepare yourself on this perilous journey and share below what you find!


Creator: Wyld

The Dark Village

This survival abandoned village gives off an eerie feeling.  Embark on your quest of solving puzzles, discovering secrets, and enjoying the overall experience that this haunting village has to offer you.  What looms beyond the shadows?

Creator: IAmSp00n

The Observer

The final map in this pack is truly jaw-dropping visually.  This adventure map has you explore an underground structure.  Take your time as you discover the lore and uncover mysteries of what happened to the Observer's denizens.


I know a lot of you here are interested in what was meant by sweepstakes, so I'll catch you up to speed and send you off for the full details.  NVIDIA is proving Minecrafters a chance to win a few different prizes including GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards!  For full details on how to enter and what you can win please head over to NVIDIA's website for all you need to know.



Happy Minecrafting all and I hope to see more wonderful screenshots from the community!



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