NVIDIA announces Minecraft with RTX

Today, NVIDIA has announced Minecraft with RTX. This is an update to the Windows 10 Edition of the game (this is NOT the Java Edition of the game) which enables some RTX features. If you're an avid resource pack creator, or if you love your game to look amazing, then this will be for you. 


Here's a link to their official beta announcement trailer. Enjoy the pretty previews of what RTX can do with Minecraft. 


In case you don't want to view the trailer, here are some screenshots of how Minecraft looks with RTX. 



With this beta, NVIDIA is introducing several maps to help showcase RTX on the Minecraft Marketplace. These maps were made by members of the community, and are highly detailed and show off the power of what an RTX-enabled Minecraft looks like. These maps will be available free of charge to the community. 



As stated before, this is the Windows 10 Edition of the game. This is not Java Edition. As such, you will need to own the Windows 10 Edition in order to enjoy this. However, if you bought Java Edition before October 19th, 2018, then you are eligible for a free copy of the Windows 10 Edition. You can view more information about it here, but hurry, this deal expires April 20th! 


You can view the entire post on NVIDIA's website: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/minecraft-with-rtx-beta-begins-april-16