Java Edition: Combat Snapshot V5



That is the overall goal Mojang has in mind with this next combat update.  They want Minecrafters to have fun and they want to have balance for PvE and PvP content alike.  The changes we'll see here will come in a future update to all official editions of Minecraft.  This snapshot is based on the 1.15.2 pre-release and if you want to get a peek at what changes are coming to the combat system you better check it out.  If you'd like to make a suggestion don't be afraid to check out Mojang's Feedback website or join in on the conversation on the official Reddit post.



  • Attack rates are generally faster
  • You are only able to attack when the attack timer has recharged
  • The attack timer only resets when attacking (compared to switching items)
  • You can keep pressing the attack button to continuously attack
  • Weapons deal less damage overall
  • Weapons now have different reach (tridents and hoes reach farther, axes reach less)
  • Natural healing from food has been rebalanced (no more saturation boost)
  • Projectiles are more accurate and don’t inherit the shooter’s momentum
  • Experimental enchantment called “Chopping” for axes
  • Many other smaller changes to tridents, snowballs, shields, and knockback mechanics

Read can read about all the changes over time in the Reddit posts: 1234, and 5 (this one)



In detail, weapons:

  • Stone tier lowered to +0 (same as wood, was +1)

  • Iron tier lowered to +1 (was +2)

  • Diamond tier lowered to +2 (was +3)

  • Swords lowered to +2 (was +3)

  • Axes lowered to +3 (was +4)

  • Trident lowered to 5 (was 6)

For example, a Diamond Sword now deals 2+2+2=6 points of damage. This was 2+3+3=8 in the previous test, and 1+3+3=7 in 1.9/1.8 (base damage is 2 now, same as on Bedrock).

In detail, food rebalance:

  • Saturation boost removed

  • Eating food is now slower (40 ticks, was 32 ticks)

  • Natural healing works longer (down to 6 food points, used to be down to 18)

  • Natural healing is faster (every 3 seconds, was 4)

  • New: Natural healing now always drains food points. Saturation is not used when healing damage and is only relevant as a "pause" until food drains (as originally intended)

  • Sprinting is no longer affected by the food value

Other changes:

  • Various block-hitting and air-swinging bug fixes

  • Made it possible to hit players with snowballs (TODO: game rule)

  • Reintroduced upwards knockback when hitting players in the air... Probably too strong right now, but can be balanced later

  • Changed the swing animation to emphasize the rhythm of the attacks

  • Added cooldown to egg

Bonus controversial edit...

  • Added a kind of "Coyote Time" that activates for a fraction of a second if you aim at something but attack outside its bounding box. The background to this change is that since you can't attack between swings, it often gave the impression that your input was "lost". It also made fighting small and fast targets (rabbits or baby zombies) unnecessarily frustrating