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The last year was an interesting one for MinecraftForum. With the planned archiving of the forum and then the change of ownership to keep the forum active, there has been a lot of back-end work to keep this site going. While we've definitely been struggling to keep up in some areas (poor news...), we've certainly not been twiddling our thumbs behind the scenes. 


With that in mind, we figured it's probably a good time to just let you know of some of the plans that we hope to get to in the year 2020. Some of these would be more hidden changes, some small, but some giant. Let's go through what we have in our minds for this year.



1) Restructure of our forum sections as a whole


This one is a giant goal of ours. We know that the current structure is.... not exactly great for a lot of different reasons. When we made the current structure we tried to keep the naming similar to what Mojang calls their versions of the game, but we knew when we did it that it would be confusing. We're re-evaluating this and are looking at better ways to collapse or expand sections in order to make the most of what we have from you, the community, and to get your content shared with millions of users. We'll have posts later in our Forum Discussion and Information section once we have a better plan for how we'd like to restructure things. We know this won't be an easy change, but we will value your input into this process as we go, to point out things we may not notice or think of. Keep an eye out for more information regarding this.


JAN-18: Thread posted https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/forums/forum-discussion-info/3003008-restructure-feedback


2) New server list


In continuing the forum restructure, we've had a thread that's been trying to gather ideas for a new server list. If you didn't know, Minecraft Forum used to run a server list, which tried to help promote servers in a different light. Sadly, this list wasn't maintained well, and so it was discontinued. We are looking at the idea of bringing a list back, knowing that it has to cater to small servers, large servers, whitelist servers, graylist servers, realms, even just the occasional "i want a friend" servers. And not just for Java Edition, we know there's more to the multiplayer world. We don't know if this will happen in 2020 due to the amount of effort it would take, but it's a goal we have.


3) Alternate logins


We know that only having a Twitch login is a huge turn-off for some people. We are looking into additional providers to support in the future. We're hoping to offer Xbox Live and Google as alternative providers, perhaps some others too, however there is no ETA on this yet. We are still doing research and work to determine how difficult it will be to support multiple providers like this within our existing system.


4) Better filters for content searching


The server search functionality is a feature that we know is... not great. Not only that, the prefix system that we have is not obvious to users that you can actually use it to find content. We are looking into better ways of making this more apparent, and to make it more of an actual search feature. It'd be a lot nicer to find those 1.15 fantasy packs if we had a simple filter, wouldn't it?


5) More news


News is one of the most important things that makes it to the front page here. And while we've done our best to keep up with the essential updates, we know we've been really slacking to keep you all up to date on all that's going on in the world of Minecraft. We are looking at ways to better put news in front of you that you would care about, and not just repeat what Mojang already gives you. After all, there's more to the community than just the latest build update. 


6) More bug fixes


2019 was full of back-end fixes that you may not have seen. Although, being able to see your old PMs was definitely a fix I know some of you have noticed. We know there's still a lot of issues with the site, and will be continuing to work on improving your experience so that you can find and share your content. 


That about covers it for this update! We will continue to strive to keep this forum going far into the future with Magic Find, whose administrative & dev teams have been directly working with us to make the site work even better than before. Let us know of any other things you'd like to see, and who knows, maybe your ideas might be done.



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