Minecraft 1.15

Minecraft 1.15, also known as Buzzy Bees, was released earlier this week. Just in time for the holidays! Here are some of the most notable features that it includes. (Sorry, it took us a bit to clean up the split honey).

(News post provided by Geforce)


These cute insects live in nests that hang from oak or birch trees and can help you by pollinating crops near their hive. Think of them as flying bonemeal dispensers. However, be careful not to harm them or their nest or you will quickly be swarmed by a mob of angry bees.



These are used to provide a home for bees and to collect honey. After a hive has been filled with honey, simply right-click the hive while holding an empty glass bottle to collect it. Nearby bees will try to attack players stealing their food, but having a campfire close by will keep them at bay.


Honey Blocks:

When a honey block is moved by a sticky piston, it also pulls any adjacent blocks with it. If a player is standing on the honey block as it is pulled, they also go along for the ride. This unique property of honey blocks could open the door for new types of redstone creations. Players can also slide down the sides of them to slow their descent and prevent fall damage.


Iron Golems:

Golems now begin to disintegrate after taking a lot of damage, but not to worry! You can use iron ingots to heal them right back up to full health.


Consistency between editions:

Don't like the gameplay differences between Java Edition and Bedrock? They are now gone! Boats can now be used to smelt six items and naturally spawning mobs now have a chance to breed on their own, among other changes.


Obfuscation maps:

All future updates to Java Edition will now have their corresponding obfuscation map be available to modders for research purposes. This should help to speed up the time it takes for mods to be updated to new versions.



Buzzy Bees also focused on fixing many of the bugs present in older versions of the game. Now Minecraft will be less buggy - except for bees!



Many other small tweaks and improvements were also included in Buzzy Bees. To see the full changelog, visit the news article on https://minecraft.net