Minecraft 1.15 Pre-Release 1

Buzzy Bees! What a delightful bit of alliteration. Someone should use that for when they add bees to their game. Unfortunately, we already promised marketing we'd call this Minecraft Java Edition presents: Disgusting Bugs.

What's that? I'm hearing marketing have had a change of heart, and that we can confirm in this pre-release that we'll be calling the actual release, on December 10, Buzzy Bees. Hooray! 


You can find the full news article on https://www.minecraft.net



  • Changed the button highlight to make it easier to distinguish which button is selected
  • Optimized chunk rendering
  • Optimized explosions
  • Recipe changes to match Minecraft Bedrock
  • Updates to the Resource pack format
  • Dark prismarine is now crafted from black dye instead of ink sacs
  • Increased scaffolding burn time when used as fuel in a furnace
  • The resource pack version is now 5
  • The game now tries to make out of date resource packs work as much as possible
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-12211 - Comparator in subtraction mode does not update visually under certain conditions
  • MC-14826 - Leads in unloaded chunks break, become invisible or connect to an invisible target far away
  • MC-63669 - Comparator Timing Issue
  • MC-90602 - Chunks don’t load correctly/not rendering
  • MC-94838 - Comparator affected through gap
  • MC-125495 - Owner tag of item entities is ignored if entity is destroyed in 200 ticks (Age >= 5800)
  • MC-125511 - Item entity merging ignores Owner tag
  • MC-135110 - Crash when using outdated resource pack: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location
  • MC-152198 - Actual render distance is 2 chunks lower than render distance setting
  • MC-161132 - Leaves are considered solid faces for block placement
  • MC-161900 - Advancement menu background is rendered in front of toasts
  • MC-163308 - Pillagers still spawning in trees in 1.14.4
  • MC-163553 - Dragon texture flickering issue
  • MC-163560 - Berry bushes no longer slow down the player
  • MC-163745 - Dramatic speed up after falling through cobweb
  • MC-163947 - When mobs sliding down honey blocks, the subtitles will show footsteps
  • MC-163953 - /fill command doesn’t create block entities for all bocks
  • MC-164076 - Transparent texture parts of invisible entities are rendered black when looking at them in spectator mode
  • MC-164535 - /playsound uses wrong feedback message for multiple targets
  • MC-165133 - Ignited TNT appears offset one block to the west
  • MC-165134 - Entities are rendered too dark when in the ground
  • MC-165154 - Entities riding boats, minecarts or other entities are rendered too dark when their hitbox intersects solid blocks
  • MC-165155 - Block hitboxes no longer render behind transparent blocks
  • MC-165156 - Transparent block items no longer render behind transparent blocks
  • MC-165173 - Bees immediately enter their nests/hives after leaving them
  • MC-165298 - Entities are rendered too dark when standing on soul sand or snow layers
  • MC-165358 - Entities are sometimes rendered too dark when changing heights
  • MC-165497 - Programmer art shield pattern textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format
  • MC-165524 - Zombie pigman spawn eggs used on zombie pigmen do not spawn baby zombie pigmen
  • MC-165527 - Item of advancement pop up is visible on text in the advancement menu
  • MC-165550 - Ligthing of slimes and magma cubes becomes dark when they land to the ground
  • MC-165605 - Command starting with / in command block shows error but still works
  • MC-165606 - “Bee Our Guest” advancement is only triggered when more then one bottle is in the players hand while right clicking the hive
  • MC-165627 - Falling blocks glitch through shulkers when the shulker is opening / closing
  • MC-165676 - Aquatic mobs don’t move below sea level
  • MC-165727 - Falling blocks on top of non-full block without block below do not break
  • MC-165876 - Sand particles don’t have gravity anymore


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