Minecraft 1.13 Pre-Release 7

We're on the final stretch for 1.13 and hope to have it released by the end of July. If you're experiencing any issues with world conversion (opening a 1.12.2 world in 1.13-pre6), please let us know by reporting it on the Minecraft issue tracker.

A full changelog for this Pre-Release can be found on Minecraft.net.


  • Fixed outstanding issues with the new improved fonts
  • Maps changed slightly. Read more about it by clicking here.
  • Made all waterlogged blocks display the drip animation
  • More bugfixes!


  • MC-37557 - Sometimes a minecart sound plays/subtitle shown when loading a world
  • MC-122596 - Command autocomplete overrides command history navigation
  • MC-122734 - No particles when bed explodes in the nether
  • MC-123087 - Fences, glass panes, iron bars, stairs, and melon/pumpkin stems in structures generate with wrong block state
  • MC-123369 - Trying to recreate world from future version shows no warning and can crash
  • MC-123769 - Some item tooltips that previously had colors don't have colors anymore
  • MC-123836 - Double blocks aren't loaded in structures
  • MC-123850 - Redstone dust doesn't update shape of connecting redstone dust when going up onto transparent blocks
  • MC-124015 - Red Giant Mushrooms generate with 5 blocks having wrong blockstates, thus showing wrong faces
  • MC-124126 - You no longer look at the block you are inside of
  • MC-124915 - /locate and eye of ender find strongholds in invalid places
  • MC-125090 - Cartographer doesn't unlock woodland mansion map trades
  • MC-125462 - Waterlogged blocks does not decrease light level
  • MC-125872 - Superflat preset "The Void" doesn't generate starting platform anymore
  • MC-125992 - Cave outlines generate in ocean ravines
  • MC-126704 - X-ray vision
  • MC-126998 - When their block state changes, waterlogged blocks don't remove water they let through
  • MC-127025 - Waterlogged blocks do not display water drip animation
  • MC-127093 - Water flowing onto waterlogged blocks spreads outward, rather than stopping
  • MC-127114 - Water in glass panes and ladders doesn't appear in maps
  • MC-127115 - Visually fully submerged waterlogged blocks don't appear as water on maps
  • MC-127224 - Waterlogged blocks that are not full blocks trigger auto-jump even if it is disabled.
  • MC-127303 - There are no water sources near the south ceiling of flooded caves and trenches
  • MC-128257 - Bugged swimming animation while the head is not underwater
  • MC-128478 - Distance swum statistic uses old "swimming" (bobbing on top of water) instead of the new swimming
  • MC-129388 - Player suffocating when touching a solid block while swimming
  • MC-129892 - Selector wildcard doesn't work in scoreboard operations
  • MC-130072 - Pufferfish don't play the entity.puffer_fish.sting sound when damaging mobs
  • MC-131352 - Item rarity color / colour overrides first text component's colour in the held tooltip (item switching)
  • MC-131382 - Scoreboard objective name can't be updated
  • MC-132135 - Bad performance of a 1.12.2 world in 1.13
  • MC-132248 - Server crash on launch using Java 9 or newer
  • MC-132269 - Blocks invisible on map
  • MC-132375 - Upgrading 1.12.2 world to 1.13-pre5 crashes the game
  • MC-132631 - Cannot write in the box in the Superflat presets option
  • MC-132632 - Can not climb 1 block height if player is in water 5 or more blocks from water source
  • MC-132654 - F3 + I is missing large amounts of data
  • MC-132706 - Sticky pistons pull blocks that pop off
  • MC-132751 - Two chests spawned inside each other
  • MC-132833 - Opening 1.5.2 world on 1.12.2 works perfectly but bed is transparent.
  • MC-132974 - Converting 1.12 world to 1.13 spams Chunk file at x,y is missing level data, skipping
  • MC-132977 - Esc key results in an older world being converted to a newer version during 'Play' menu sequence
  • MC-133063 - When trying to connect to an unreachable server Minecraft crashes instead of showing error message
  • MC-133136 - Crash when launching the game with LWJGL allocation debugging enabled
  • MC-133139 - The image write callback is never freed, leaking small amounts of memory for each screenshot
  • MC-133140 - The GL debug message callbacks are never freed, causing memory leak warnings

To get pre-releases, open your launcher and go to the "launch options" tab. Check the box saying "Enable snapshots" and save. To switch between the snapshot and normal version, you can find a new dropdown menu next to the "Play" button. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (In the "launch options" page).


Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com.


Pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds. 


Share your thoughts on how 1.13 is shaping up in the comments below!