This Week in Minecraft — March 10th

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  • A bumper week for Minecraft 1.13 snapshots, the Update Aquatic is shaping up to be one of the best Minecraft updates yet! The first snapshot this week, 18W10A, brought with it buried treasure, tropical fish, underwater ambience, coral plants and many changes to Phantom behaviour...
  • A day later we received 18W10B, bringing dead coral variants, more underwater ambience, tropical fish sounds and a non-dyed shulker box to the game...
  • Then, we received 18W10C, with new water physics, and undead-Phantoms...
  • And finally, 18W10D, with naturally generating coral, big optimization to how clouds are rendered, more improvements to water and Phantoms now burn in sunlight.
  • You can learn more about these snapshots in the news post.
  • Players of Minecraft on other platforms need not feel left out, Minecraft Developer Jason Major shared previews of their work on bringing the Update Aquatic to the Bedrock edition of the game. Take a peek at Tridents, Swimming, Kelp and Fish.
  • Jasper is working on the Emerald texture again and wants your feedback, take a look here on Twitter.
  • Minecraft Developer Tommaso Checchi shares exciting information about the latest Bedrock beta, "So basically, in this beta Bedrock can finally have more than 256 block types. And also, it should use a whole lot less memory :)
    It's a huge change, so report crashes!".

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