This Week In Minecraft — February 17th

Minecraft News

  • The first Update Aquatic snapshot, 18W07A, was released this week, bringing with it our experience of Turtles, Phantoms, Tridents, a new swimming ability and much more.
  • That's not all though! Dinnerbone tweets, "p.s. this isn't everything aquatic. There's at least one or two more things to come in future snapshots. Maybe three.".
  • The Minecraft: Java Edition development team give a behind the scenes look into the Update Aquatic. Learn about turtle behaviour and the dangers of The Phantom — "[...] Jens stresses just how dangerous a risk that is. “They are really nasty to fight, really hard to hit – they fly up and then swoop down again. They sound really scary too. Samuel Åberg did some really scary sound effects for them".
  • Minecraft (Bedrock) is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and this week Mojang shared a preview of the game on their livestream. You can catch up on that livestream below!


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