This Week in Minecraft — January 27th

Helen Chiang, the new head of Minecraft, has revealed that the number of Minecraft users has reached a record high! There are now 74 million active users each month, and copies of the game have been purchased a colossal 114 million times. Chiang looks forward with the hope of continuing to ‘build the community that we have’; which is being set in motion through some of the following updates…


  • February will bring a new Chemistry Update to Minecraft: Education Edition, which provides both educators and those interested in learning with ‘a fun, accessible way to explore chemistry within the immersive world of Minecraft. Make pigs fly with helium balloons, create underwater TNT or see what elements make up a grass block.’ This will be available worldwide, ‘for all users of Minecraft: Education Edition’ in February.

  • Jasper shares on Twitter that the new version of the BETA-Pack will be revealed ‘very soon…’ 

  • In addition, Jasper shares previews of the new diamond texture, as well as progress on the gems, and a comment about emeralds.

  • As you may have read in the Forum post, ‘UPDATE AQUATIC BECOMES MINECRAFT 1.13’, Mojang have shared a change on the plan for the forthcoming Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 update and the Update Aquatic (Minecraft 1.14). If you haven’t seen this post, Mojang stated:

    “We’re going to hold back the official launch of 1.13 and merge that release with all the features we’d planned for the Update Aquatic. [...] we were planning on releasing the rather technical 1.13 update, which includes equally exciting-sounding things like a new world format, a new command parser, data packs and the elusive rewrite of world generation. [...] However, because our world generation overhaul is taking a little longer to get ready, we’re going to hold back the big 1.13 release and put it out at the same time as the Update Aquatic. In fact, the Update Aquatic will become 1.13!”

    There's not all bad news though! As a consequence of this change, you will be playing the Update Aquatic sooner than previously planned… “As a result, however, this means we can actually start snapshotting Update Aquatic features much earlier than previously planned! Lucky you! So, get ready to take a dip… soon… ish!”

  • Furthermore, Dinnerbone updates on twitter that: “There will not be a snapshot today. As I said in last weeks snapshot blog post, we're moving offices and aren't in a very good position to do snapshots for a little while. maybe next week, but not guaranteed.”.  Here’s what the old office looked like:

Forum Updates

  • Finally, due to required maintenance, the Minecraft Forum will be in read-only mode on Monday at 9pm Central time (3am UTC) for 4 hours.

  • The "Monster Hunter: World’ was released yesterday! Check out the wiki on Gamepedia.


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