This week in Minecraft — Saturday

Minecraft News

  • Jens shares a preview of the new mob, "Eerie...", he says.
  • The 12 Days of Minecraft have begun! "Starting today, our lovely community creators are GIVING AWAY prettily parcelled packages of Minecraft fun. There’s one a day until January 1st 2018, and each of which is free to you for 24 hours and available from the Minecraft Marketplace.".
  • The Story Mode, Season 2 Finale is out now! "Will Jesse save her beloved Beacontown from the clutches of a mega-powered megalomaniac? Will Xara get payback for her years in the Sunshine Institute? Will Stella finally put her rivalry aside and do the right thing? Will Radar ever be cool?"
  • A new mash-up pack in the Mythology series, "Norse Mythology", released this week for Minecraft and most Minecraft: Editions. "Are you heroic enough to enter the Great Hall, Valhalla? Find out in the Norse Mythology Mash-up! Compose your own grand saga as you voyage through the 9 realms, from the treetops of Yggdrasil, down into the mines of Svartalfheim and the depths of Hel! The third episode in the mythology series, this pack has hand carved textures, a thunderous soundtrack and a horde of skins."
  • Speaking of the Norse Mythology mash-up pack, 4J Studios have an interview with Playstation about the creative process behind the pack. "As with previous Mythology packs, we researched every little detail, for example, the trees and flowers are all based on real foliage found in Scandinavia, most of which have a connection to Norse mythology..."
  • A Marketplace Holiday Mega-Update is out, including: Merry Wintercraft Festival by Razzleberries, Ultimate Pig Race by Everbloom Studios, A Pirate's Christmas by Noxcrew, Extreme Snowman Speed Battle by Jigarbov, Santa's Sleigh Ride by Polymaps, Elf Town by 57 Digital, Present Run by Blockception, Ice Age: Holiday Edition by Visula, Snowball Fight by Pathway Studios, breathes, Pumpkin and Pies by Pathway Studios, My Snowy Journey by Toya, Elf Patrol by Noxcrew, Dragon Hero by PixelHeads, Retrowave by Pathway Studios, Ghost Hunters by PixelSquared, Festive Foodies by 57 Digital, Winter Warriors by PixelSquared, Abstraction: Gifts by Jigarbov, Christmas At Trafalgar by Shapescape, Foxfang Ridge by Imagiverse, Health Foodies by 57 Digital, Farming Valley by Norvale, The Lifeboat Crew by Lifeboat, breathes, Super Hero by Pixelheads, World of Horses by Noxcrew, Ancient Warriors by PixelHeads, The TNT Game by Team Wooloo and Find The Button by Razzleberries. Phew. That's a lot of content to keep you occupied this holiday season.


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