This Week in Minecraft — December 9th

Minecraft News

  • As the release of Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 approaches, this week there's another new snapshot bringing with it lots of bug fixes and a new data concept, "tags". 17W49A was quickly followed by 17W49B, which fixed an additional 13 bugs and added tags for functions.
  • Minecraft 1.2.6 has been released, with bug fixes and a new model for Horses, Mules and Donkeys.
  • Realms Clubs have been launched this week for Minecraft on Xbox One, Mobile and Windows 10. "Realms Clubs are online meeting places created specifically for members of your Realms to share stuff and socialise. In your Club, you can share posts with each other and like videos, photos, and comments.". Learn more about Realms Clubs on
  • More new Marketplace content this week, including Dropper of Horrors by Noxcrew, Alteria by Razzleberries, Jurassic Depths by Everbloom Studios, Kingdom Assault by Blockception, Winter Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew, Ugah! Ugah! by Pathway Studios and Winter Fest by Blockception.
  • Mojang announces the 12 Days of Minecraft. Starting on December 21st there'll be a new piece of free content available on the Marketplace for 24 hours. Learn more on


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