Everything announced at MINECON Earth

MINECON Earth Announcements

  • The fans have voted, the votes have been tallied... Mob BThe Monster of the Night Skies, is coming to Minecraft.
  • The Update Aquatic, an upcoming Minecraft update, will bring tons of new features to the game, "including coral, kelp, more types of fish, dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, new water physics and more! A newly revamped ocean will require a new weapon for you to defend yourself, so the Update Aquatic will also introduce the trident. Not only can this weapon be thrown at enemies and used in close-combat, it can also be enchanted for ace tactical advantages.".
  • A new Minecraft server partner, The Hive, are bringing new mini-games to Minecraft. "They're bringing Death Run, to Minecraft later this year. In Death Run, players race through a map, overcoming obstacles, avoiding traps and proving their parkour prowess to be the first one to reach the end! Start practising your running skills now, as Death Run on The Hive will be coming to Minecraft very soon."
  • The Super Duper Graphics pack, originally slated for a 2017 release, will now launch in 2018. 
  • The Better Together Update is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Missed out on MINECON Earth? You can watch the whole show recorded on Twitch below:




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