This week in Minecraft — October 21st

Minecraft News

  • Dinnerbone announces that snapshots for Minecraft 1.13 may start next week, "[...] It'll start with just a technical upgrade to some game libraries, and maybe data packs too.".
  • Jasper has shared more texture previews this week, including Quartz, Glowstone, Sand and Spiders. Scroll down to see them embedded below.
  • Will Arnett has been announced as the host of Minecon Earth! Will Arnett has appeared in tons of movies and TV shows, like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Despicable Me, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this year's excellent LEGO Batman.
  • There's new Minecraft Marketplace content this week, including 9 new maps: Block & Seek by Polymaps, Fall Fest by Blockception, Fightme! by Pathway Studios, Dr. Splice's Lab Escape by 57Digital, Lands End by Blockworks, Mystery Land: Scary Chunks by Pathway Studios, Skyfair by Blockworks, The Cube Theatre by Qwertyuiopthepie and The Haunted Neighborhood by PixelHeads...
  • ...and 8 new skin packs: Lucha Libre by 57Digital, Onesie by Eneija, Sc-Fi Horror by Pathway Studios, Spookfest by Irish, Spooky Skeleton by Blockception, The Boo Crew by Razzleberries, Boo! by 57Digital and Cute But Spoopy by Eneija.


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