Minecraft (Bedrock) 1.2.2 Update Released

An update to Minecraft (Bedrock) has been released, this update (1.2.2) includes a large number of bug fixes and new content for the Minecraft Marketplace. Be sure to visit feedback.minecraft.net to share your thoughts on this update, and check out the changelog below:

New Marketplace Content:


  • Worlds
    •         Silvermist by Pathway Studios
    •         Wizard's Retreat by Imagiverse
    •         Forbidden Forest by Blockception
    •         Abstraction: GRID by Jigarbov
  • Adventure Maps
    •         Wildlife: Savanna by PixelHeads
    •         Autumn Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew
  • Skin Packs
    •         12 Wonders Skin Pack by Toyaplays
    •         Adventure Together by Pathway Studios
    •         Mineplex Heroes by Mineplex
    •         Foodies by 57 Digital
    •         Autumn Festival by Noxcrew

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading worlds
  • Fixed a crash when backing out from a menu using a controller if there was a setting toggled by touch or mouse/keyboard
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of the safe area screen after switching to a new profile (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the World Settings screen
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when joining servers
  • Fixed a crash related to inputting and rendering text (Xbox One only)
  • Increased performance when navigating the main menu (Xbox One only)
  • Holding sneak and jump at the same time while flying will no longer drift slowly downward
  • Realms invite links now appear (Xbox One only)
  • The cake is not a lie! On controller, the Recipe Book no longer says ingredients are missing when they are present in the inventory
  • Redstone dust and components now properly show their active/inactive status
  • Redstone components no longer freeze or trigger when reloading a world
  • Eggs thrown at other players will now cause knockback effect
  • All firework rockets can now be taken from the Recipe Book without disappearing
  • Resource packs are now applied to the main menu after restarting the game when the resource pack was previously added to Active Packs in the Global Resources menu
  • Each player in split-screen now has appropriate lighting for the dimension they are in
  • Fixed issue of Efficiency III diamond pickaxes not continually mining blocks that are fast to mine, such as netherrack
  • Mending enchantment will now work properly with fishing rods
  • Using commands or Pick Block to get Shulker boxes no longer displays the placeholder name
  • Mob heads can now be equipped if the stack contains more than one when using a touch screen
  • Ladders placed on other ladders or slabs will no longer be invisible
  • Pressing the left thumbstick will now toggle the Recipe Book on if it was closed
  • Recipe Book now updates properly when opening and the Craftable toggle is off
  • Armors of the same type will now visually switch properly in armor slots on Classic UI
  • Fixed the B Button not closing the settings menu when a slider is highlighted
  • Chat and Active Status Effect screens will now open on the first press of d-pad buttons
  • Fixed overlap issues with the Players Permission dropdown menu
  • Fixed incorrect controller tooltips appearing on several menu screens
  • Fixed Old worlds crashing and taking too long to load


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