This week in Minecraft — August 26th

Minecraft News

  • The long anticipated Minecraft: Better Together public beta arrived on Xbox One this week, click here to learn more.
  • Over on Twitch this week the Minecraft team did a live Minecon Earth Q&A, if you missed it you can catch up by watching below, or click here.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 1, is now available on Nintendo Switch, and this week the development team behind Minecraft: Story Mode took some time to answer questions on reddit, and series art director Mark Hamer shared some behind the scenes insight into the game, which you can read on
  • The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle was announced this week, including unique Minecraft themed xbox console and a brand new limited edition Minecraft pig-themed controller. The bundle is available for $399 and is available direct from Microsoft and exclusively at Target stores. Learn more here.
  • This week brings even more Realms content, including qmagnet's Test Map, Ninja Defense by Rogue_Baron, Pentablock by Incarceron, Jbip, dragonmaster95, and Magma Runner by Rogue_Baron.
  • Much of America was captivated by the Eclipse on Monday, and Minecraft didn't escape the eclipse.




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