Story Mode: Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date Announced

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. Episode two, Giant Consequences, will be available for download starting August 15, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.

Story Mode is our episodic, narrative-led spin-off of Minecraft - the first season saw our heroine (or hero - you get to choose!) rise from plucky, nerdy noob, to ultimate Minecraft mega-hero, saving the world from the ravages of the Wither Storm and hopping between dimensions via the portal gateway. But fame has a flipside - being a hero brings new responsibilities - and new threats! As we found out in the first episode of season 2, someone out there has heard the name of Jesse, and wants to find out just what this so-called hero can do.

Learn more on, or watch the trailer below.




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