My Adventures in Wynncraft, a F2P MMORPG in Minecraft



Wynncraft is an exciting take on traditional Minecraft, giving players a free MMORPG experience with a custom map, over 100 unique quests, and over 1 million unique players. With the recent move of the Official Wynncraft Wiki to Gamepedia, we wanted to dive into Wynncraft ourselves to see what adventures were awaiting us. My name is Ash, and this is my story.


If you'd like to learn more about Wynncraft, you can visit the official site here

I’m a soldier for the country of Wynn. I don’t know how exactly I came to be a soldier for the country of Wynn, but here I am, in the back of a wandering caravan, with a staff that’s little better than a whittled stick that shoots a puff of sparkly dust when I wave it around.


Ah. I am a mage soldier. I guess that makes sense - the mage thing, not the soldier thing. I still have no idea how I came to be a soldier of Wynn. But the last thing I do remember before waking up in the back of a buggy was being offered a mage’s staff, an archer’s bow, a warrior’s lance, or an assassin's dagger. I remember I chose the staff.


Once the caravan stops, I take a few moments to stretch my legs and get the lay of the land. My pack is empty save for my staff, a compass, a book, and some odd pale blue crystals that I've learned are soul points. I have ten of them. I can’t discard them, and they don’t take up space. I get the creeping feeling that if I lose them something really bad happens to me, so I shove the soul points down into the bottom of my bag and try not to think of them again.


“You there!” A voice beckons. It’s the Caravan Driver. I know this because there are big white letters above his head that say ‘Caravan Driver.’ Odd.


He tells me that this is the end of the line and that there’s a king waiting for me in a castle not too far from here.


“The road is dangerous to travel - even under the best of circumstances, but fortunately you’re armed.”


I wave my staff to prove his point, and the puff of air kills a chicken-like creature called a “grook.” It explodes in a cloud of feathers, leaving behind a green emerald looking gem. Cash. Neat!


After the caravan driver sends me on my way, I examine the mysterious book in my pack. It’s thick and full of handwriting that isn’t mine. One hundred and twenty pages of instructions of where to go and who to talk to. The instructions span locations I’ve never heard of before: Corkus, Wynn, Gavel. It’ll take a long time to complete this book. A really, really long time, and there are some interesting tasks waiting for me to tackle. Bake a cake, kill some rats, incite rebellion by busting a member of the Resistance out of jail. I'll be at this book for a while. For now there’s only one directive scrawled in black ink on the first page: Head along the path towards the castle. The sun is rapidly setting, so I make my way.



The road is overrun with a lot of gorkos and wild boars that, aside from the name floating above them, seem as mild as common pigs. As I strike them down, they yield more emerald cash, and I feel like I’m getting stronger. There’s a lingering, nagging voice in the back of my head: You have two skill points to spend.


I can spend these skill points on any of my five attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Defense, and Agility. Each attribute is associated with an element: Earth for strength, Thunder for dexterity, Water for intelligence, Fire for defense, and Air for agility.


I am a soldier of Wynn, but knowing that doesn’t do much for my confidence. I choose to allocate my points to defense and intelligence. I want to stay alive for as long as I can.


I hit my first snag on the journey when I meet a hysterical man on the side of the road.


“Have a care, traveler,” he tells me. “A crazed villager lives in the cave beyond.”


My travels so far have been mundane, killing chickens and pigs and looting their corpses for cash. I can’t say the idea of confronting the villager doesn’t appeal to me, though. Perhaps I can make the road safer for travel. Perhaps, like the gorkos and boars, the villager’s corpse will yield some treasure for me to pocket. I venture inside the cave.



I am a soldier of the province of Wynn - maybe it’s time to act like one. After only moments in the cave, a battle breaks down with the cave dweller.


I did my best to fight - and I was victorious. I emerge exhausted and wounded, but richer.


I hobble from the cave using my staff as a crutch, but as I limp with it, something magical happens. I feel...healthier. My injuries disappear, and I am healed! I get the feeling that waving my staff in different configurations yields different results, and this one happens to be my healing spell. I’ll need to grow even stronger to figure out exactly what the other configurations mean.


Ahead, the path takes me through a deep cave with a soldier guarding the entrance. He won’t let me through unless I have a helmet, purchasable from a conveniently placed merchant’s stand nearby. Extortion disguised as concern aside, I pay the merchant and acquire the helmet. It smells like leather and bribery. The guard smiles as he lets me through to the cave beyond, and I make a mental note to inquire if the soldiers of Wynn come with a racketeering division.


The cave smells like death, and it looks like it too. There are heads everywhere, and I realize too late that this is a bad place to be. Four or five creatures appear from thin air and attack at once. I am surrounded and friendless, protected by a thin leather helmet and the skill point I put in my defense stat.


I run.


I manage to pick off stragglers as they come, but this is a horde of monsters covered in tough armor. I can’t take them all down. They’ll probably take me down.


“Hey! Free me and I’ll help you!” shouts a voice from beyond a caved-in wall.


As I get closer, the wall explodes, and out leaps a soldier in full armor, lance aimed for the nearest creature’s heart.


He cuts them down like tissue paper. Then, I noticed the white letters above his head that name him ‘soldier.’ He’s a level 5.



Oh. Makes sense.


But to my quickly growing horror, even a level 5 soldier can’t stand against all these creatures and hope to win.


“Run, the exit isn’t far from here! Run!” he gasps before falling and disappearing into the mob of monsters that have now turned their attention to me.


I run. Their moans grow louder as they chase me. They hit me with their swords and fists, but I keep running. I reach the end of the cave, breathless and near death.


“Keep running! We’ll take care of these monsters,” yells a nearby voice. I then see that the exit of the cave is filled with armed guards chopping down monsters left and right, clearing the path for me to escape.


“Thank you,” I pant.


“No need to thank us, ma’am. We are soldiers of Wynn.”



This story is based off of my actual time in Wynncraft. The monsters, the bribery, the daring escape, and the ultimate sacrifice of the level 5 Soldier are but a taste of the adventures waiting for you to discover and explore. Visit Wynncraft's official site to learn more, and during your adventures in this exciting MMORPG, don't forget about the Official Wiki for all of your in-game questions.