This week in Minecraft — July 1st

Minecraft News

  • A console update is out now! Llamas, parrots and illagers arrive on Console Edition, along with 2 new DLC packs and some reassurance from Mojang about the future of Console Edition. Read all about here.
  • Tommaso, Minecraft Pocket Edition developer, shares that block outlines are coming to all other editions of Minecraft.
  • Dinnerbone shares that "...Minecraft Java 1.13 will be more of a technical/backend update." and includes a preview of an upcoming change.
  • A whole host of new content came to Minecraft Realms this week, "...We've got amazing adventures, perplexing puzzles, baroque boardgames, manic minigames and many other things that just won't alliterate no matter how many thesauruses I check. It's probably the most diverse update we've ever done, as well as the biggest, and it's fitting that its contributors span veteran Realms creators and neophytes alike.". Learn all about that here, or watch a live stream with Marc Watson (Realms Content Manager) below.
  • Max Brooks, author of World War Z, has written a new book, Minecraft: The Island and this week have an interview "...that mind belongs to the author Max Brooks! Max is known for, among many other things, the brilliant future history World War Z, and he’s long been a big Minecraft fan. Sometimes it’s hard to express what a powerful experience playing Minecraft is - all the things it teaches you and makes you feel - but Max’s book captures it all and condenses it into a riveting tale of survival."



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