This week in Minecraft — May 27th

Minecraft News

  • Minecraft Stickers are available now on iOS through the new Minecraft Sticker Pack, add even more Minecraft to your conversations! 
  • Minecraft Discovery trailer is available to watch now, the Minecraft Discovery Update is coming to Pocket & Win 10 Editions soon, which means llamas, forest mansions, shulker boxes and much more will appear in your Minecraft worlds! Watch the trailer here.
  • Dinnerbone announces that 1.12 isn't releasing this week as some speculated, and there's no pre-release this week either because of a holiday in Sweden.
  • Dinnerbone shares some news on when we can expect 1.12 -- not this week -- and he clarifies that "1.12 will not just suddenly be released without at least a couple of days notice (probably more likely a weeks notice)."