This week in Minecraft — May 13th

Minecraft News

  • The release of Minecraft 1.12 is fast approaching, moving on from weekly Snapshots we are now onto pre-releases! The first pre-release came this week, quickly followed by a second fixing a fatal crash. Learn more about the pre-release here, which includes new advancements and a whole host of bug fixes.
  • Dinnerbone issues a challenge, a speedrun of the new How Did We Get Here ("Have every status effect that is available in Survival mode, all at the same time.") advancement in hardcore mode. 
  • Minecraft: Switch Edition is released, and quickly receives significant positive reception, including this glowing review from Matt Peckham on, "Having tooled around with it (versus nearly all of Minecraft's other incarnations), I can say it's arguably the finest iteration of Swedish studio Mojang's magnum opus yet. [...] Minecraft is already the finest thing I've experienced in this medium, the answer I'd probably give to the one-thing-you'd-want-on-a-deserted-island question. And thanks to Switch, it just got an order of magnitude better.".
  • share an excerpt from the upcoming book Minecraft Guide to Creative.



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