Mod Spotlight: See Your In-Game Actions with Augmented Interactions Mod

The new Augmented Interactions mod is a fantastic way to add a little more realism to your Minecraft world! Created by Pau101 for Minecraft version 1.11.2, it animates some of the items in your inventory as you use them, such as:


  • placing a spawn egg
  • dyeing and shearing sheep
  • striking flint and steel
  • throwing fire charges
  • filling and draining buckets
  • cleaning dyed leather armor in cauldrons
  • filling and draining cauldrons with buckets and bottles

Throw a spawn egg for a sheep, for example, and you’ll see it bounce and crack before the sheep appears. If you decide to shear the sheep, the Augmented Interactions mod will show the shears traveling around the sheep’s body, cutting away the wool. If your sheep is thirsty, you can see a bucket of water linger over a cauldron as it fills up. (Animation of your sheep actually taking a drink, of course, not included.) When your sheep gets cold, use flint and steel to light a fire on the grass to keep it warm, and you’ll see the tools move over the area to start the flame.


See the images below for a closer look at the mod.


Augmented Interactions - Sheep


Augmented Interactions - Sheering


Augmented Interactions - Pouring Water


Augmented Interactions - Fire


These animations and more make the Augmented Interactions mod super fun to try. It works well with other mod packs, too, to add another dimension to gameplay. If at any time you want to speed through an animation, it’s easy to do using a “Skip Animation” key that’s bound to X by default.


Pau101 is already planning to add more animations, and is open to suggestions from users. What if you could see a fishing line reel in a fish or see your shield block a hit? Things could get pretty grisly when you start thinking about how you get leather from a cow or rotten flesh from a zombie.


Click here to download the mod, and let us know in the comments what you think! What other animations would you like to see?


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