This week in Minecraft — April 29th

Minecraft News

  • Dinnerbone works on Advancements, introducing commands to create new Advancements/advancement grant dinnerbone until story/elytra.
  • Following the Minecraft Marketplace Q&A on reddit we put together a Marketplace Q&A Recap, covering everything from is the Marketplace coming to Java Edition of Minecraft, to whether or not content has to be exclusive to the marketplace.
  • Minecraft Realms gets another regular content update, along with 2 new minigames there's a brand new music experience in the form of Fireworks Extravaganza, a map featuring incredible firework displays and 8 tracks from Approaching Nirvana.
  • A brand new set of tracks comes to Glide, the Glide Beast Track Pack contains 3 new tracks: Kraken, Yeti and Dragon.
  • A new snapshot is released, Mojang are focusing on polishing features and fixing bugs. This week the snapshot contained lots of new advancements and tweaks to the illusioner.
  • The Fallout mash-up pack previously released on the Console Edition of Minecraft is now available on Pocket and Windows 10, "turning the glorious greenery of the overworld into a blasted wasteland. But life goes on! Heavily mutated life, at any rate: two-headed cows, gruesome ghouls and outsized scorpions are among the mobs you’ll find roaming the blasted landscape. Wait until you see what’s happened to the poor llamas!".



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