Glide Mini Game Lands Tomorrow!

A brand new Mini Game is coming to Consoles on Tuesday March 28th, and it's called Glide. Here's what has to say:

We’ve got a pretty swish update soaring onto consoles tomorrow, bringing with it a free, all new Mini Game. It’s called Glide and it’s designed to test your aeronautical skills to the very limit. Strap on a pair of elytra and hone your swooping skills on an exhilarating aerial track - the first in a series of free tracks to be released.


Beat the clock in the Time Attack mode, using thermal drafts and speed boosters to your advantage, or go for points in Score Attack by hitting all the hoops. Careful study may reveal sneaky shortcuts to refine your runs, so keep your eyes peeled! You can choose to beat your personal best in solo play, pit your wing-skills against other players online, or - on Xbox One and PS4 - take a swing at the all new Glide leaderboards. This update also boosts the number of PS4 and Xbox One players possible in both Glide and Battle up to 16, and all platforms get a more spacious lobby, too!

Click here to read the full article on, and check out this video below from Mojang's Twitch channel where earlier today they live streamed a preview of Glide:



Are you excited for Glide? Let us know in the comments below, and visit the Console Mini Games category of the forum to chat with other players.



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