Impractical Storage

Impractical Storage is a new concept and mod from dmillerw, creator of RemoteIO and Quadrum, available for Minecraft 1.10 and Minecraft 1.11. Here's what dmillerw has to say about the idea behind the mod:

One of my biggest issues with Minecraft, specifically modded Minecraft, is how we begin to lose our sense of scale very easily. The general theme these days is essentially magic blocks that can do anything and everything we desire of them, without taking much in the way of space. There's no incentive to create vast factories, or massive warehouses, simply because the bulk of it would end up being empty space.


With Impractical Storage, I aim to change all that. See, Impractical Storage adds another method of storing your vast quantities of Blocks and Items, but does so in a very different way. Instead of supplying you with a GUI and Slots, which manages to stuff all your gold into a one block space, Impractical Storage makes the World your storage space, and ensures you can only store as much as you have room for.

Check out the video below, and then click here to visit the Minecraft Forum thread to download!



You can keep up with dmillerw and his work over on Twitter, and support his work on Patreon.




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