Minecraft Forum + Twitch Login


Since joining the Twitch family in 2016, Minecraft Forum has worked to integrate your favorite Twitch content into our forum. Now, we're taking that integration one step further by making it easier than ever to log into your Minecraft Forum account. Today, we're excited to announce optional Twitch account merging!


Starting today, you'll have the option to merge your Minecraft Forum and Twitch accounts, allowing you to easily log in to the Minecraft Forum with your Twitch username and password. You'll still keep your nickname, and all of your Minecraft Forum content: threads, posts, servers etc. The only thing that will change is the way you'll log in.


Merging your accounts is completely optional, but doing so ensures that you'll be able to take advantage of the exciting features we have planned for the future. Get your PogChamp emote ready - you're going to need it.


Want to learn more about Twitch account merging? Visit our FAQ page.