Community Creations* - Destructive Missiles



Why build when you can destroy your entire world?


...or parts of it, anyway.


Pyrotechnics enthusiast RedEngineer has come up with a series of command blocks that make a variety of missiles inside Minecraft, and anyone can do them! A pair of command blocks have code pasted inside, which then create a missle-manufacturing contraption. The missiles,'s better to see them for yourself, in the video above. Want a missle that creates canyons? What about gigantic floods? There's always a missile that spreads lava and netherrack...


In addition, there is the super missile, and nuclear missiles, which are pure destruction, with no frills. Still, the sheer amount of destruction they bring to bear is awe-inspiring, to say the very least. Check them out above!


This contraption is compatible with Minecraft version 1.11 and later, and is multiplayer compatible (destroying your friends' homes optional). Enjoy!



Link for command block code: Right here



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