Community Creations: Deep Thought - A Small(ish) Minecraft Computer



Minecrafter n00b_asaurus has done the unthinkable: compressed a working Minecraft-built computer into a 40 by 40 area!


(40 by 35, the creator clarifies)


While that would be impressive enough in its own right, the computer itself is pretty remarkable, both in how it works, and how customizable it is. I don't recall seeing another redstone computer with expandable memory, to name one:



CPU features:

• 1 General Purpose Working Register
• A 4 Function ALU with functions that include ADD with carry for multi-byte arithmetic
• A 4-bit Flag Register
• Capable of writing to or reading from up to 128 IO peripherals
• Capable of writing to or reading from up to 128 memory locations
• Room for 128 program lines.
• Extremely simple instruction set - only 8 commands
• Capable of executing instructions one at a time using singlestep mode
• Pretuned clock for ideal performance


"Deep Thought" is also a self contained computer, which includes the CPU in addition to:

• 2 4-bit inputs
• 2 4-bit outputs
• 8 4-bit memory locations
• 16 lines of program memory
• A memory and IO expansion bus
• A program memory expansion buss
• A simple user interface



Interested in seeing what you can do with this small wonder? n00b_asaurus has included a helpful download link!




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