NoxCrew: Terra Swoop Force (Custom Map/Mini-Game, 1.11)



Elytra flight has been on people's mind a lot lately, so what better time to revisit an especially awesome custom map, Terra Swoop Force? Recently brought up to version 1.11, this amazing mini-game is definitely worth a look!


As the video above demonstrates, the concept is fairly simple: fly through tight obstacle courses without hitting anything. Sounds easy, right? It isn't! Personally, I haven't managed to make it very far, but there are much better flyers out there. Are you one of them?


As if the game itself wasn't enough, it comes with loads of custom content, by the amazing NoxCrew - custom voice-overs, sound effects, and so much more - which round out the entire experience delightfully. All said, it could almost stand on its own as a separate game!


If you're interested in giving Terra Swoop Force a go, check out the official thread, right here!



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