SethBling Creations: Atari 2600, In Minecraft



SethBling's remarkable creations are no stranger to the community, but even for him, this is insane.


The Atari 2600 - an ancient console popular when I was but a wee Endermite - was essentially one of the definitive home consoles in the late 70s and early 80s. Many iterations and spin-offs would appear, but this particular one remains a classic, bringing classic (albeit stripped down) arcade games into the home, before home gaming even had a proper description.


SethBling's creation doesn't require you to physically plug an Atari cartridge into your tower, but it does work exactly as advertised! Approximately 2,000 command blocks manage the CPU, ROMs, and display for the virtual console. While functional, it is incredibly slow - for comparison, the proper 2600 renders about 60 frames per second. Seth's virtual version renders 60 frames every 4 hours. Certainly puts complaints about slideshow gameplay in modern games into perspective.


In the back, you can see huge chunks of dirt and stone, which represent the actual ROMs which made up the games. The dirt and stone represent the binary code (1s and 0s) which made up the game's instructions. Crazy!


If you have amazing amounts of patience and want to try playing these games, you can download the world file, right here!



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