Add-Ons Revealed For Win10/MCPE at Minecon 2016; Boss Update Due October 18th



The long-awaited Boss Update for MCPE/Win10 is just around the corner, with an expected launch date of October 18th! In addition to bringing well known monsters back into the world - the Elder Guardian and Wither, especially - another bit of goodness also shown: add-ons!


Essentially, add-ons are meant to make customization of Minecraft easier to do. Want to swap heads on creatures? Alter their behavior? Create entirely new critters using the old ones as a foundation? All of that (and more) is possible with the new system! Ride a villager! Make pigs fly! Explosive zombies? Why not!


Creature editing is only scratching the surface; SethBling, Blockworks, and MindCrack collaborated on a project to demonstrate what add-ons could be capable of, by creating a mini-game built entirely inside the new system.


More details about the new add-ons system is expected to unveil later tomorrow, during the second half of Minecon 2016.




Interested in tuning in to hear more about add-ons, or other interesting panels going on at Minecon? Be sure to check out the live feeds, right here!



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