Java Minecraft Price Updating In Certain Regions on May 23rd


International pricing has always been a tricky subject. Currency changes value constantly, and in differing amounts and directions across the globe. Video games are definitely a global product, so keeping up with the base sale price of the game in various regions can be tricky sometimes. That said, Mojang is updating the price of Java Minecraft in select areas, to bring the overall price of the game in line with the pricetag in the US, starting on May 23rd, 2016. For some regions, this may bring the local price of the game up a bit, so if you don't already have a copy, now might be a good time to grab one, depending on where you are located!


Some "old price" entries may be blank, which only means the game wasn't sold in the local currency. That will change soon!


So, what countries' prices are changing, and what are they changing to?




Country Currency Old Price New Price
US USD 26.95 26.95
Australia AUD 25 35
Brazil BRL - 99
Canada CAD 28 35


CHF 23 23
China CNY 165 165
Denmark DKK 149 180
Europe EUR 19.95 23.95
UK GBP 17.95 17.95
Hong Kong HKD 210 210
Norway NOK 149 229
New Zealand NZD 32 40
Poland PLN 80 100
Russia RUB 1400 1900
Sweden SEK 169 225
Taiwan TWD 800 800
Japan JPY - 3,000
Korea KRW - 30,000




These price changes are ONLY for Java (desktop) Minecraft, not portable or console versions.



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