Community Creations: Armor Stand Model/Animation Generator!


Animated armor stands have become something of a mainstay for new and interesting in-game custom assets, allowing map-makers and server owners to create NPCs, unique models, and other things that would not be possible without mods or plugins. Still, for many, it is an unreachable goal, a mystery best left to the masters.


Today's creation is by MrGarretto, and tackles this very problem - a tool to help players come up with their own models and animations for Minecraft armor stands! The video does a fairly good job of explaining how it works, even including embedded links to various timecodes in the video which highlight different parts of the process. The models created with this tool can be purely aesthetic or interactive, and it even comes with the option to preview whatever you create with custom resource packs, so you can see exactly what your creation looks like before committing it to the game!


Basically, the program takes whatever you create in the editor, and outputs commands which can be used inside Minecraft to re-create your model using command blocks. It's a very clever system, and makes armor-stand model creation much easier!


Want to try it for yourself? Give it a go right here!



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