Have You Ever Seen an Underwater Temple Exposed?


Guardian Temples are notoriously difficult to navigate. Between the crushing, unbreathable depths of the ocean, and the less-than-welcoming native Guardian population, getting a good look at temples is often a difficult undertaking. While this isn't the first such attempt, Redditor gamacrit managed to un-flood and excavate an entire underwater temple, in Survival mode! Aside from a gigantic crater in the desert, one of the curious side-effects was Guardians spawning in the middle of the air, and plopping to the freshly exposed ground.


Of course, once you have a fully exposed temple, then what? Do you make a Guardian farm out of it? Try and live in it? Stuff Guardians in Minecarts and make a hilarious rolling zoo? What ideas do you have for an excavated temple?



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