Mojang Presents: Mine Chest


Monthly goodie boxes are a common sight these days; subscribe to them, and a box jam-packed with goodies shows up to your door every month, usually themed to a particular game genre, comic series, or similar. Minechest works much the same way, though it contains items entirely centered around Minecraft, every month!




Part of the fun with every Mine Chest is taking inventory of the themed chest contents. Hidden just below each month’s Exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, you’ll uncover Minecraft Toys and Collectibles as well as Minecraft "do-it-yourself" Crafting Recipes, PLUS Exclusive Minecraft items available to Mine Chest subscribers first!

Mine Chest adventures are designed to last well beyond the un-boxing and never repeat. Month after month, your Mine Chest will be filled with items that players of all ages will enjoy wearing, collecting, and creating. A Mine Chest subscription adds to the depth of players’ game knowledge as well as their Minecraft apparel and real life crafting experience. Bridging the space between game play and real world creativity, even the in-game chest replica that arrives at your front door can be transformed into something new and fun.

If you are a hardcore Minecraft fan, this crate will definitely fit in your life. Consider giving it a look!


Mine Chest costs $29.99 per month. Read more about it, and get yours at



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