Server List Spotlight: Top 5 Mini-Game Servers!


Mini-games are one of the most popular ways to enjoy Minecraft multiplayer today, and there are almost as many varieties of games and servers as there are players. From Spleef to Survival Games, Racers and Extreme Parkour, where do you even start? Let us help you out with that! Today, we take a look at the current top 5 mini-game servers on the official Minecraft Forum Server List!



#1 - DiamondFire


Perhaps the most unique server on this list, Diamondfire has no built-in minigames. Instead, players use a series of tools in-game - like coded blocks, scripts, and more - and literally build their own minigames! If low-level programming isn't your thing, there are already tons of games made by players on the server, just waiting to be played. Definitely worth a look, whether you're interested in creating minigames, or just playing some new ones!


  • Player-made mini-games

  • Build, code, test, and play with others right on the server, using ordinary Minecraft objects, and basic coding

  • Lots of games to play already built, for anyone not interested in developing games

  • Friendly, welcoming staff and players

  • Frequently populated



#2 - CathalCraft


Cathal includes a number of minigames, but combines this concept with other activities too, up to and including Towns! Both staff and community are very welcoming and helpful; if you're craving a more laid back experience, drop by on Cathal.


  • Friendly, welcoming community and staff

  • More than just minigames – server community has other activities too, once you have played as much as you like

  • Includes Towns 



  #3 - Hypixel Network


This server hardly needs introduction. Loads of games to choose from, a highly active, populated community, and easy-to-learn systems for navigation and play make it an obvious choice for a solid mini-games server.


  • Tons of games to choose from

  • Intuitive systems for learning about, joining, and playing games

  • Frequently populated



#4 - Avicus Network


What jumps out the most on Avicus is the number of minigames they have which are unique to the server, and there are quite a few! The layout is easy on the eyes, and it is very easy to navigate around on Avicus. Definitely worth a look!


  • Nice minigames, including a few I haven't seen elsewhere

  • Good layout, easy to navigate the server, nice to look at

  • Reasonably active community



#5 - Year4000


What it may lack in friendliness, it more than makes up in the minigames! Fairly easy to jump right into, Year4000 is a great place for players looking for high-energy, competitive environments. Think you can survive here? Only one way to find out!


  • Games reasonably well-scripted, worked well without major bugs or issues

  • Community active, highly competitive.

  • Plenty of games to challenge your reflexes and patience!



Be sure to check out the Minecraft Forum Server List at any time for all of your server needs!



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