Unbreakable Blocks in Survival?


One unavoidable truth about Survival Minecraft is that every block in the game can be broken, which is an unfortunate weakness in what could otherwise be impenetrable builds. Even the most elaborate defenses can eventually be breached with naught but a pickaxe. So, what is an aspiring fortress-builder to do? SimplySarc might have the answer!


The proposed method uses Elder Guardians to reduce a player's mining ability to, essentially, nothing. This method has pros and cons; on the one hand, removing the ability to mine up blocks is very safe against even the most robustly equipped miner. On the other, it's possible that a TNT-equipped player could ignore this method entirely, barring an explosion-resistant block. There is also the issue of getting Elder Guardians where they need to be, as they are notoriously uncooperative. Still, once in place, the results are undeniable!


Do you think this method would work for you?



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