Community Creations: Pokemon Red


Pokemon - a game that hardly needs introduction, and a franchise that will, this year, celebrate its 20-year anniversary. Crazy! Do you know what's crazier than that? A working copy of Pokemon Red, built entirely inside Minecraft.


While not yet complete, this ambitious project has made some incredible advances in the last few months. According to its creator, MrSquishyYT, this command-block-driven game in a game recently added:


  • Total number of textures: 2,128
  • Command block count: ~17,900
  • Number of Excel worksheets: 43
  • Wild encounters with variable encounter rates and spawn rates depending on the area the player is in
  • Transitions when entering a battle
  • A loader for wild battles
  • Area maps to the Pokédex

This project has been months in the making, and unfortunately, is not yet complete. Frustrating as that might be, it's worth noting that every line of code, every feature that exists in this ambitious port is built ENTIRELY in-game, using command blocks, maps, and armor stands. Yes, not a single mod or plugin is used here. Not even one!


No current ETA exists for the port's release, but we are watching it carefully, and it is showing a lot of promise so far. Keep an ear to the ground: you just might be playing Pokemon Red in Minecraft in the near future!



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