Snapshot 15w49a Ready For Testing


Snapshot time! As fewer features get added with the impending approach of 1.9, so too are bugs squashed with increasing frequency. Still, some nice changes were added, give them a look!




  • Debug feature (seen above)
  • Improvements to doors, massive improvements to pathfinding
  • Use shears on snow golems, a derpy thing happens


  • Changed the /particle command

    • Added a params parameter to specify particle parameters
  • /playsound now supports tab-completion

    • Server-known sounds are now tab-completed
  • Sweep attacks now do one heart of damage

  • Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Wither Skeletons, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfishes and Endermites now fight back when hit by other mobs

  • Texture changes

    • Melons and glistering melons are now oriented the same way
    • Health Boost and Absorption now have different icons
  • Increased elytra wall damage



  • [Issue MC-729] - Zombies only fight back against players
  • [Issue MC-1973] - Items placed into a beacon are lost upon reloading a world
  • [Issue MC-3626] - Signs, Sugar Cane, Vines, Two-block Plants and Cobwebs cause glitchy mob behavior
  • [Issue MC-7519] - Clearing Nausea Potion Effect will stop it but show portal tint
  • [Issue MC-8017] - False Cobweb Behavior
  • [Issue MC-9074] - Command selector syntax does not recognize decimals
  • [Issue MC-10818] - Skeleton/Wither Skeleton leg texture experiences Z-fighting
  • [Issue MC-18272] - Health Boost and Absorption Effects have the same Icon
  • [Issue MC-20431] - Player is floating above the saddle of a donkey
  • [Issue MC-33863] - Villagers rarely can turn to Baby Zombie Villagers / Chicken Jockey
  • [Issue MC-38307] - Lightning strike area-effect destroys item frames, paintings, and armor stands
  • [Issue MC-39098] - Endermen can pick up blocks behind walls
  • [Issue MC-46034] - Lava flows towards gaps even if they can’t be reached
  • [Issue MC-48570] - Server-Side Resource Packs do not show up in Resource Pack list
  • [Issue MC-50468] - Skeleton AI ignoring helmet - skeleton still stays in shadow
  • [Issue MC-50559] - Rain Texture is Upside Down
  • [Issue MC-55942] - Nether wart, wheat, carrot, and potato hitboxes reflect only first stage
  • [Issue MC-62552] - FallingSand shows alternate block textures while falling
  • [Issue MC-63129] - Baby Zombies named “Dinnerbone” can now fly
  • [Issue MC-69328] - /playsound not tab-completing sounds
  • [Issue MC-69834] - Metal ring misplaced at tripwire hook / does not move
  • [Issue MC-70306] - Can’t put Flower Pot on Piston
  • [Issue MC-70327] - Blaze fireballs damage other blazes
  • [Issue MC-72156] - Tamed wolves attack when a wild wolf is hurt.
  • [Issue MC-72368] - Cactus can be placed under water, but doesn’t break
  • [Issue MC-73370] - Trapped chests are in “Decoration Blocks”
  • [Issue MC-73884] - Projectiles get destroyed at contact with non solid blocks
  • [Issue MC-75471] - Ocelots and Rabbits run from you in creative mode
  • [Issue MC-76045] - Clicking on non-existing link target or deleted screenshot gives error
  • [Issue MC-76975] - Pick block doesn’t work on the dragon egg
  • [Issue MC-77224] - Tp with relative x rotation above 90 affects y rotation
  • [Issue MC-77758] - Guardian beam turns green at the end of charging
  • [Issue MC-80148] - Custom Model Lighting Irregularities (Top & Bottom Faces)/each cuboid part of a model renders smooth lighting as if it were a full block
  • [Issue MC-80597] - Lit Furnace still obtainable using the /give command
  • [Issue MC-81693] - Multiple items have missing (transparent) pixels
  • [Issue MC-81725] - Shift+F3 menu remains on server disconnect
  • [Issue MC-82452] - Server Resource Packs Not Staying Persistent
  • [Issue MC-83105] - Offhand items render while drawing bow
  • [Issue MC-83107] - Shulkers deflect arrows from the side but not the top, arrows glitchy when shot at the edge
  • [Issue MC-83174] - Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Guardians, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Wither Skeletons, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfishes and Endermites do not attack when hit by other mobs
  • [Issue MC-83193] - Punching cake eats it
  • [Issue MC-83271] - Bosses are unaffected by the potions / “new arrows”
  • [Issue MC-83599] - Arrow/Item in offhand still displayed while drawing bow in first person view
  • [Issue MC-83824] - infinite arrows with effect (infinity enchantment works with potion tipped arrows)
  • [Issue MC-83850] - Squid and ghasts are unaffected by levitation
  • [Issue MC-83896] - Shulkers can teleport into other shulkers
  • [Issue MC-83930] - End City spawns even without Generate Structures
  • [Issue MC-85117] - Shulkers teleport even when they’re already dead
  • [Issue MC-85256] - Cauldrons are filled with water while snowing in biomes where it only snows above a certain height
  • [Issue MC-85527] - Shulkers opening into blocks
  • [Issue MC-85756] - Blocks/items on mobs’ heads turn red when the mob takes damage
  • [Issue MC-85963] - Melon and glistering melon textures have different rotations
  • [Issue MC-86305] - AreaEffectCloud can be pushed by pistons
  • [Issue MC-86385] - Leading zeroes omitted on dyed leather armor colour
  • [Issue MC-86836] - Enderdragon can teleport through end_gateway
  • [Issue MC-86951] - Drop item scoreboard objective increases with /give
  • [Issue MC-86992] - Shulker floating 1/16 above ground
  • [Issue MC-87093] - Zombie / Skeleton / Zombie Pigman arm animation glitch if they can’t reach you.
  • [Issue MC-87143] - Setblock signs with text put “null” on empty lines by reloading the world
  • [Issue MC-87219] - Floating Mob Heads above baby zombies that wear them
  • [Issue MC-87242] - Librarian zombie villager robe texture is sometimes white instead of transparent
  • [Issue MC-87383] - shulker hitbox height
  • [Issue MC-87568] - Slimes with levitation moving
  • [Issue MC-87573] - Spawned Slimes move always South (+Z) first
  • [Issue MC-88401] - Arrow blocked by shield can get stuck above player
  • [Issue MC-88465] - Shield still have metadata
  • [Issue MC-88569] - Armor slots inconsistency
  • [Issue MC-89181] - AreaEffectCloud does not work with some particles/crashes with others
  • [Issue MC-89399] - If an end portal generates with 12 eyes in it, it is impossible to use it.
  • [Issue MC-90095] - elytra does goes invisible with player if potion is used.
  • [Issue MC-90417] - Enderdragon can be passenger on boats
  • [Issue MC-90549] - Taking damage while gliding pushes you upwards
  • [Issue MC-90587] - Frost Walker does not work on transparent blocks
  • [Issue MC-90601] - Pick block frosted ice warning
  • [Issue MC-90606] - Too small damage while hitting walls with Elytra
  • [Issue MC-91061] - Loot table exceptions are not caught
  • [Issue MC-91177] - Rain puts out fires less often
  • [Issue MC-91264] - Right clicking a hoe or a shovel on grass or dirt plays the wrong sound
  • [Issue MC-91528] - End crystal replacing blocks with fire/able to place end crystal inside blocks including bedrock (End dimension only)
  • [Issue MC-91533] - Container minecarts with invalid loot table cannot be removed from world
  • [Issue MC-91543] - Multiple (unlimited) number of Ender Crystals placeable on one block at the same time
  • [Issue MC-91666] - Exploding Creepers drop gunpowder when they set off an End Crystal
  • [Issue MC-91756] - Beam target of ender crystals on obsidian pillars does not update when ender dragon spawn sequence is stopped
  • [Issue MC-91807] - Use /kill @e[type=EnderCrystal] instruction, rebirth ceremony continued execution
  • [Issue MC-92140] - End Dragon Fight fails due to level.dat issue
  • [Issue MC-92202] - Villagers stand outside opening and closing doors instead of entering
  • [Issue MC-92225] - Buggy AI for skeletons riding horses
  • [Issue MC-92309] - “Block Broken” closed caption is inaccurate
  • [Issue MC-92344] - Beams from end crystals move towards wrong direction when spawning Ender Dragon
  • [Issue MC-92415] - mob pathing issue
  • [Issue MC-92451] - Ender Crystal Beam Detaching
  • [Issue MC-92548] - Can’t place certain blocks on marker armor stand
  • [Issue MC-92697] - Activator Rails and Powered Rails powering each other
  • [Issue MC-92784] - Some subtitles are unrelated to the sound
  • [Issue MC-92849] - mob kills due to knock back from a sweep attack fail to reward EXP
  • [Issue MC-92972] - Villagers won’t go outisde
  • [Issue MC-92983] - Slimes are incorrectly offset from actual position
  • [Issue MC-93107] - Shulkers still produce sound even when Silent:1b
  • [Issue MC-93118] - Some of the new textures weigh too much
  • [Issue MC-93167] - Some textures (Easy to confirm with Netherack in the Nether) jump and change rotation as you move closer or farther from them
  • [Issue MC-93289] - Level-up sound originates at position in world, not at player position

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, the bug remains undiscovered, and then proceeds to surprise everyone who hasn't found it yet!


To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar



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