Community Creations: Drobnovian Knights (Adventure Map)


Looking for a new adventure map to try out? Consider giving Drobnovian Knights a try! Drobnovian Knights I is has quest-driven storyline that puts you in the role of a knight, trying to save the island nation of Drobnovia from Endergon, a powerful dragon from an alternative realm. (No relation to the Ender Dragon, naturally.)


It comes packed with storyline quests, consisting of 9 quests and epic final battle, as well as side quests - in excess of 100 side quests that provide you with equipment, items and fame amongst the people of Drobnovia - a custom made map with biomes of hand-crafted design, including crazy attention to detail: every building has been hand furnished by a team of dedicated builders. It's easily one of the more detailed maps out there, and with so much to do, it's pretty easy to get immersed in the odd kingdom of Drobnovia. Designed and laid out almost entirely by two people, it's honestly a mind-blowingly large adventure.


Want to give it a try? The download link is below! It runs with version 1.8.8, so be sure you are running the correct version before starting up!


Download: click here