Nintendo Update: Wii U Version Possibly Canceled/Rescheduled


Not too long ago, there was an entry on the PEGI site for Minecraft: Wii U Edition, causing a great deal of speculation about Minecraft's release to Nintendo's forerunner home console. However, that entry has since been removed, and can no longer be viewed.


While it has been suggested that the posting was originally a mistake, this seems unlikely. PEGI submissions are quite deliberate, and go through a process to be posted. For the moment, this leaves two leading theories on the fate of the game: it may have been rescheduled or otherwise modified, causing the entry to no longer be valid. It could also have been canceled, which would also invalidate the entry.


For the moment, neither Nintendo nor Microsoft have made any public statement about the possible game, leaving many to wonder on its fate. Nintendo's recent Nintendo Direct conference - which shows off up and coming products for their consoles - made no mention of the title, or anything alluding to Minecraft.



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