1.9 Nearly Feature-Complete, Says Dinnerbone


Dinnerbone said today that 1.9 feature development is close to wrapping up, ideally by the end of October! What this means is, before the intended deadline, every major feature planned for the 1.9 update should be in the update, though this does not mean 1.9 will be ready to go at that time. When talking about development, "feature-complete" usually means that bugs and other problems will be tackled almost exclusively from that point on, since the major highlights have already either been added, or mostly ironed out.


With that said, 1.9 will likely not be far behind! We might see a launch date some time in November, and it is an exciting update indeed. It's easy to forget the sheer amount of new things that have been added, but here only a few of them:


  • Revamped dragon fight
  • Loads of new end content, including cities and portals
  • New mob
  • New status effects (levitation, glowing, frostwalking, and more)
  • Many new building blocks
  • New crops (chorus & beets)
  • Dual-Wielding
  • Shields
  • Potion tipped arrows & lingering potions
  • Revamped boats
  • Wings, which has opened the sky up to us as a playground
  • New enchantments (Mending & Frost Walker)
  • Mob improvements

What will be the first thing you do in-game when 1.9 comes out?



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