Music by Pedro: Royalty-Free Music For Your Projects


A video maker in today's environment faces a lot of challenges when making new, fun content: good camera work, quality sound, and of course, finding something entertaining for their viewers to enjoy. One of the most oft-overlooked elements of videos has always been good music, for a number of reasons. Some people don't consider the impact of a song in a video, much as they don't process how much of an impact it has in video games.


For those creators interested in quality music - background or otherwise - there is also the issue of finding or creating quality music without massive costs, either in royalties, music software, instruments, recording equipment, or a hundred other little things. It is for these people that Pedro6285 uploads royalty-free music, to use in their videos however they like!


Music by Pedro is a channel loaded to the gills with music (by Pedro, of course) that anyone can use in their videos, royalty-free, at any time. If you go through the library, there is a very good chance you will encounter songs you have heard in YouTube videos already, and are still very much in use today! If finding a good song has always been a struggle, consider dropping by the channel and browsing Pedro's library. Maybe you will find that one song you have been searching for to round out your otherwise-perfect video project!


Pedro is an accomplished musician with a strong background in music. All of his recordings are high-quality, and free to use at any time.



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